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Tracing Nature, Finding Her Super-Structures

Pondering Rituals

I love the holidays for so many reasons… Family, Friends, Cookies and taking PTO.

PTO that special time when we’ve taken off from work long enough to get some reoccurring rest and relaxation.  The mystical R and R that allows one to sit or walk through the house jovially in pajamas at 2pm in the afternoon.

Sitting in my pajamas playing with a strange magnetic puzzle is where my trestle-board article begins and where my contemplation of Frequency, Ritual and Repetition starts.

My wife gave me an interesting puzzle over the holidays.  It’s a wonderfully simple puzzle consisting of tiny steel magnetized bearings that can take on any shape mine came in the shape of a perfect cube.

Magnetically Charged
Puzzle of Bearings

The puzzle’s harmonically magnetized shape quickly lost all of its straight edges and became a mess of charged bearings in mere minutes.

Like all good puzzles I was bound to figuring out how to reassemble the accursed object back into its original state.

Oddly enough the personal quest had a few profoundly interesting concepts I uncovered while I was “tracing nature through her recesses”.

Before I talk about my interesting puzzle at greater depth let’s go off on a tangent and talk about frequency.

The simple definition of Frequency is: the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time

Visualization of Frequency Waves

To visualize this, think of the elapse of time — here moving left to right on the horizontal axis—the five sinusoidal waves vary, or cycle, regularly at different rates. The red wave (top) has the lowest frequency (cycles at the slowest rate) while the purple wave (bottom) has the highest frequency (cycles at the fastest rate).

Why are we talking about Frequency?

The big idea here is that if we want to visualize something that repeats the sinusoidal waves above are a good place to start.

As an example let’s use a wave to show the frequency of 363 Lodge Meetings.  There’s 12 peaks indicating our monthly meetings.

Let’s go more abstract… What if we say that for each peak in the sinusoidal wave we try and quantify the masonic ideas expressed in the lodge room each month… our rituals, our values, our friendship and brotherly love?  At first glance it sounds hard to do, how does one quantify ideas?  The Sinusoidal wave doesn’t really help express this, we have a visualization problem.

What if we use particles as a visualization tool and we concentrate them at the peaks of each wave… Each particle could be representational of a brother in the lodge room.

The diagram above represents our lodge room each month, which when looked at like this is fairly straight forward, but the visualization above doesn’t help to express how the velocity of masonic ideas spreads faster or builds upon itself and takes shape.

Ok if you’re with me so far? We are almost ready to venture back to my “Magnetically” charged puzzle, but first let’s talk about Crystalline Morphology

The below diagrams are of Aggregate crystalline morphology obtained by simulations under an electron microscope.

a) Triangular lattice of a one-component system

b) Chains and rings

c) square lattice,

d) honeycomb

e) honeycomb

f) superstructure

It is interesting to see the lattices take shape and grow out of seemingly single particles.  The composition of the superstructure being made up of smaller parts with each relationship of particles equally supporting the rest.

At the core of the images above is a rudimentary law of attraction that would state that each individual particle has both an inherent positive and negative aspect, that when bound together with other like particles have an observable tendency over-time to form complex superstructures.

This isn’t anything new, superstructures in nature have been observed for centuries and have been expressed in literature, mathematics, science, philosophy, theology and Freemasonry.

It is scientifically factual to state that in nature given “time” and some level of “purpose” certain particles form “structures” some structures are asymmetrical some structures are symmetrical.

This is key… Only particles forming together through a replication of the same process form superstructures.

Think of our lodge room now and now think of a bee hive

In Freemasonry as every traveler knows we use symbolism and metaphors that represent deeper ideas that unfold over time.  It’s been said that the symbols in Freemasonry take a lifetime to understand, and that when this is understood the initiate realizes there’s no fast track to being a mason.

The frequency of our craft, the repetition of what we do causes superstructures within us, that form over time both mentally and physically but also form superstructures in nature around us. 

This can be seen in the magnetized bearings of the cube.  The superstructure cannot exist without each bearing being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.

This was profound to me, and I’m glad to share it with you guys.

Sincerely Brother,


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