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Trestle-board 2020 Issue – Vol. 1

Freemasons Lodge 363 – Trestle-board
Jan/Feb Issue – 2020 – Vol 1.

Greetings Brother,
We’ve updated our Trestleboard and turned it into a cool new monthly newsletter.  Look to this newsletter for up to date content from Freemasons Lodge 363.

Content like: Short Coffee Talk Bulletin from the Worshipful Master, Pictures from recent events, Links to follow and fast ways to RSVP for new and up coming events.

*This Special 2020 Version 1.0 Trestleboard Issue will be a bit longer than normal because it contains content from both January and February.

Happy Reading,
WM Sanchez

Coffee Talk for
January & February

by WM Damon Sanchez

January Post:I hope everyone had a great holiday.  Looking back at 2019 through the lens of being a Mason and better yet being a member of Freemasons Lodge 363 there are so many memories to be proud of, so many memories to be thankful for, and some memories while they give heartache will stay with us forever.

2019 brought us Bob Strader ascending to the post of Most Worshipful Grand Master of Masons in Wisconsin, it brought us Past Master Paul Tourville ascending to the post of Right Worshipful Junior Grand Warden, Past Master Jeremy Koss being chosen as Area Administrator and Past Master Jerry Reick taking up the post of Grand Lecturer.  To think these Grand Lodge positions are filled with so many members of Freemasons Lodge, makes us realize how passionate 363 is for our craft.

MWGM Bob Strader has a saying “Embrace the Experience of Freemasonry”.  When we think about what this statement means, there is a certain level of self-responsibility that we must adhere to in-order to experience anything. 

The idea that we get “out” what we put “in”  and that if one doesn’t put the time and effort into an experience, one simply receives a basic understanding. 

I thought about MWGM Bob’s statement ”Embracing the Experience” a lot in 2019, with an emphasis on not only trying to embrace the experience more as a Mason but also in the spirit of giving something back to 363 as Worshipful Master in 2020.

Technology Goals: A focused goal for January 2020 was to revise some of our digital properties both on line and off.  While we have the OLP web page under Grand Lodge that is branded with an overall advertising theme, we’ve created another web site for advertising 363 to the public that allows us some quick-silver flexibility to take advantages of different online technologies. 

In this way our online strategy can take advantage of both the OLP web page as an “intranet” for lack of a better term that will allow us pay our dues, log into to MORI, send out invites, etc., while the new public facing 363 site will give us an agile way of pushing content faster that’s sculpted to our specific membership goals which will give us an advantage in the years to come.

The new responsive web site is bound to easy to remember URLs mkemason.com or milwaukeefreemasonry.com which will help to drive new users by word-of-mouth and Search Engines.  We’ve also purchased Google Ad words to capture more online traffic to drive potential new members to online inquiry forms.  The technology revamping goals don’t stop there, if you’re reading this text you can see we are putting effort into updating our Trestleboard look-and-feel and functionality with the intent that in this new Newsletter format we can call out content easier and faster, while still being able to export to PDF for possible snail mail of printed handouts.

All this effort to post smarter faster content in the public domain is meant to double down our effort towards membership, not only in new membership but also in giving a vehicle for our current membership to express themselves. So, if you have something you’d like to say, please speak up, ask for editor access, join one of the content committees, help write new content, post new pictures, share, like and get involved in being a 363 Content Engine for Positive Change.

February Post:
Goals of our Masonic Ritual and Traditions: In the spirit of experiencing this year as Masons of 363 we have an obligation; this year in particular comes with an old kind of special magic that we hear from time to time.  Words that when spoken stir a certain mind set. Some people call it a catch phrase, some call it a proverb.

“Hind Sight Is Always 20/20”
If you look up this saying it essentially means that one cannot predict the future, but to look upon the past you always have a clear vision of the decision made.  In some cases this proverb can be taken as bad omen, but the way I like to look at it as a Good Omen… An Omen that represents a moment of clarity and reflection that the past has happened and that we have a choice to accept our decisions made and that if we followed our hearts there shouldn’t be regret.  

Brothers this year I want us to look back at the year 2020 as a year that we shook it up a little, changed things, tried something new, or simply updated old or worn out stuff.  With the intent that when we look back on this year there isn’t regret but that 2020 when looked at in hind sight was meaningful.

New Committees… With Awesome Names that get stuff done…
We are going to start a few brand new committees in 2020 focusing in areas like education, photography, technology and content.

  • The Masters of the Book & Pen
    This Committee will be a group of Past Masters, that want to strive to pass on Masonic Knowledge through writing and ritual.
    • This group will be in charge of a quick 5min presentations during the stated meetings where they get to express Masonic: Rituals, Ideas, or fun facts.The intent of the 5min presentation is to spark conversation with the brethren and then to drive the conversation to a larger body of work which could be a PDF, an Article in the Trestleboard, a video or another longer lecture at dinner.

  • The Watchers of the Square & Compasses
    This Committee will be a group of Master Masons, that want to capture 363 in a positive light so that we can use the content to promote Freemasons Lodge and all Masons.
    • This group will be in charge of taking pictures of anything Masonic, but done so in a light and aesthetic that can be used in: Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn WordPress MailChimp, etc.
    • This group will have access to a 363 DropBox or OneDrive account, along with the ability to instantly post images to Instagram which will simultaneously add the image to our web site Gallery.

  • The Keepers of the Matrix
    This Committee will be a Group of Past Masters or Masonic Officers that can wield technology for the good of the Lodge, with the intent to help the Lodge Secretary and the Worshipful Master with technology and logistical sorcery.
    • This group will be in charge of updating digital artifacts
    • This group will have access to: Google, WordPress, Instagram, Twitter, IFTT and Facebook

The intent with these new Committees is to have fun, while also pulling in new talent and ideas.

That’s all for now, I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at our Stated Meeting on  Wednesday Feb 5th

WM Sanchez

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