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Trestle-board 2020 Issue – Vol. 5 & 6

Freemasons Lodge 363 – Trestle-board August & September – 2020 – Vol. 5 & 6

Greetings Brothers,

September is upon us and with it, the change in seasons, leaves changing colors, kids back in school, sports, hunting… You name it and September is the month of change.

I hope everyone and their families are doing well? It was great to see brothers this month at our stated meeting.

With #363 up and running again, we were able to get some business taken care of.  I’m proud to say that we have finally voted on James Braun to receive the degrees conferred in our lodge.  PM Bill DeLind was very influential in reaching out to James and keeping him informed.

We also had several great discussions about upcoming events and planning for possible degree work in the future. While we hit the ground running at the beginning of the year and have been actively recruiting with almost 10 candidates… The fact is, that #363 has not put on degrees in awhile due to COVID.

With that being said, and wanting to be proactive PM Rendl and JW Bystrom talked about starting up a “Mock Degree Night” in which we work through our rituals in a way that obviously follows the edicts from Grand Lodge but allows us to shake the rust off.  Stayed tuned for more details on this great idea.

WM Sanchez

TRACK FOR OCTOBER 7th @ 5:30pm

We have been meeting in person since July, and although the meetings have been tough with masks and the extra protocols, the meetings have been successful.

The closer to October we get meeting reminders will go out with RSVP ability and safety precautions.

I hope to see you at the October stated meeting.  Here are some fun pictures from the last few meetings.

July Stated Meeting – with just Officers
September Stated Meeting


The once a month date is on the 4th Wednesday of every month @ 7pm – 8pm until degrees start back up again.

To Join The Microsoft Teams Meeting Use This Link

Mark Your Calendars Freemasons Lodge Is Going Golfing!
Oct 17th. @ 10am. Details Below

$60 dollars a person
this includes 18 holes, and a golf cart and 2 drinks.
Stay tuned for an RSVP email, and a Facebook RSVP link

I’m really excited to see everyone there, as this will be one of the only in person and outdoor events this year.

Here is a link to the Dretzka Park Golf Course, If you would like to know more about the course etc.

Coffee Talk for August & September

by WM Damon Sanchez

Sitting in the East is an idea that grows in your mind, as you begin your Masonic journey in Blue Lodge Line. 

As a Steward, you help to set up the lodge by arriving on time, you learn rod and floor work, you watch and observe the craft.  As Junior Deacon, the act of reporting out and managing the outer door begins with an understanding of the syncopation of dialogue.  As a Senior Deacon, it’s your job to plan degrees and unit brothers under circumstances to arrive for specific reasons and guide our new candidates through their first wanderings.  When you arrive in the position of a principal officer you start to say things to yourself like “When it’s my rodeo I’m going to do things differently”.

There’s room for growth as a Junior Warden during the moments when you plan to feed everyone and not everyone is happy, or parking isn’t available, or someone’s allergic to fish, or the price of dinner is either to low or high.

As you enter into the Senior Warden’s position, there is a moment in which you can feel the pulse of the lodge and the unspoken dialogue and cognitive silence where the lodge itself if judging you as if all the moments leading up to this point, is asking “Are you/is he ready?”
Installation happens, there’s a thumping in your chest, an oath taken in front of your friends and family and then… You’re sitting in a new chair and you’re opening the lodge.

In the context of 2020,  and sitting in the East what I’ve learned this year is that determination, staying optimistic, with a mixture of listening and taking action are sometimes all we can do…

With the lodge back on its feet and our Stated Meetings back in place, I challenge each brother to get back involved, whether is putting on a mask and joining everyone for one of our few outside events coming up, or safely and responsibly coming back to our stated meetings, or to show up to our virtual meetings… The point is that #363 is still here, despite all of the crazy stuff going on around us.

There’s a quote that rings so true for this moment in our lodge’s history

“The best people to help shape structure are those who are intimately involved with the results that structure produces.”
― Chris Hutchinson

Reading this simple quote some of the spirit of the occasion, if you have something you would like to see happen come talk about it, discuss the idea in virtual or open lodge.  Raise the Flags of opportunity, talk about your great ideas with other brothers, manifest them in the physical world.

Well, that was my ramble for this month, as I said before I’m looking forward to seeing you at our events coming up and as the next stated meeting.

Be safe, stay healthy, keep thinking!

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Check Our New 2020 “Laser Etched” & Die Cut Name Badges
Created By Brother Fernando Topete

These new name badges are fantastic and express the ingenuity of our brotherhood.  Brother Fernando passed these name badges out to those that had RSVP’d to the last stated meeting.

Thank you, brother.

If you want to see other arts and crafts that brothers are putting together visit our Facebook page and look for links called “Mason Made”

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